The brand

Our mission is to create premium swimsuits that you will look and feel your absolute best in. We work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure that each bikini and active-wear is delicately hand made to ensure a unique standard of sophistication, longevity and optimum quality. Our suits are designed to be worn comfortably and proudly for an eternity of summers. With GlowGirl you are investing in quality suits that last.

"Dictionaries describe the word glow with 'give out steady light' - and that's exactly what defines a GlowGirl. Our motivation is to give you that glow, because we know, that glowing girls are the prettiest!" - Jane

Made in Bali

We have a production in the magical island of Bali, where every piece is lovingly designed and made in our small factory with energy saving machinery & an incredible team who shares our ethos.

About us

White sand on your skin, a warm breeze through your hair and the taste of sea's salt on your lips - you know it's your time to shine - summertime! Our favourite time! Surrounded by tropical nature, endless summer vibes, we're inspired to spread that glow globally. So whenever we ship a package to you, we'll definitely make sure to send you some magical Bali vibes along with your desired swimsuits.


All of our packaging is now recyclable, reusable or compostable (mailing satchels and branded stickers). Compostable materials are an important part of our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.