The brand

The "GlowGirl" brand was born under the warm rays of the sun in 2020 on the island of Bali. This is a story of creating clothing in which every girl can feel her own harmony. Our collections stand out with exquisite design and exceptional materials, ensuring comfort in wear. "Dictionaries describe the word glow with 'give out steady light' - and that's exactly what defines a GlowGirl. Our motivation is to give you that glow, because we know, that glowing girls are the prettiest!" - Jane

GlowGirl Boutique, Canggu (Bali)

Monday - Wednesday 11:00 - 19:00
Thursday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

Made in Bali

We have a production in the magical island of Bali, where every piece is lovingly designed and made in our small factory with solar panels, LED lamps, and advanced fabric dyeing technologies to conserve water and utilize eco-friendly materials.

About us

White sand on your skin, a warm breeze through your hair and the taste of sea's salt on your lips - you know it's your time to shine - summertime! Our favourite time! Surrounded by tropical nature, endless summer vibes, we're inspired to spread that glow globally. So whenever we ship a package to you, we'll definitely make sure to send you some magical Bali vibes along with your desired item.


Our swim-wear and active-wear are designed to inspire women to be glowing and stylish no matter the circumstances. We aim to combine elegance, comfort, and timeliness in each item. Our goal is to highlight your inner glow and help you shine brightly and confidently in any setting.